A Sign of Things to Come?

So Jimmy Kimmel created a bit for his show in which he asked parents to give their kids terrible Christmas presents and then film the results. He recently aired the results (video below). And they are disturbing…

My son isn’t yet aware of the concept of Christmas or Santa Claus or presents (which, of course, won’t stop us from giving them to him), but he will be next year. And after watching this video, I am officially terrified. Not only does all that gift-giving cost a fortune, we also have to be careful lest we set the wrong expectations and our kid develops into a spoiled brat. So while the video is initially quite funny, it eventually gets depressing. Especially once the kid in red starts tearing into his parents for giving him a Hello Kitty jacket.

Is this what we’re creating? Selfish, entitled brats who can’t even appreciate a rotten banana or a half-eaten sandwich? (Though, to be fair, those kids actually seem pretty well-behaved despite the fact that their parents stole their decor from the yuppies in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.) This video might be the nail in the coffin of the “let’s have a second kid” idea.

My favorite is the clip of the kid unwrapping a hammer. That’s some ballsy parenting; I hope they’re wearing riot gear because somebody’s going to emergency:

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2 thoughts on “A Sign of Things to Come?

  1. I don’t have children of my own, but I spend my fair share of time with other peoples kids. and this video only confirms my thoughts… Brats! They’re all brats! I find it nearly impossible to shop for the little ones, because most kids have EVERYTHING and need NOTHING! especially when I take into account their behavior throughout the year…. and this video might be the nail in the coffin of me EVER having a single kid! :-/

  2. “I taught my child be thankful for every present they receive! Therefore, I will give my child an intentionally insulting gift like a Hello Kitty shirt or a piece of trash like a half eaten sandwich and my child will be thankful, right?”

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