Merry Christmas, Dads!

Whenever I get down about my performance as a dad, all I need to do is take a quick run around the Internet until I find a video like this, and my spirits are immediately lifted.

I’ll bet it’ll have even you semi-decent, borderline-involved dads out there feeling better about your own shitty parenting in no time.

Merry Christmas!

I’m already on the record about my anti-football stance; I love watching the sport, but I won’t be letting my son play it. Even if I did want him to make it to the NFL, I don’t think I’d use this training technique. At least not until someone implements a cars-driven-by-asshole-rednecks defense.

None of us are perfect parents. There are no experts, and no real parenting paradigms to point to, because every kid is different, and every family is different.

But there are some parents who set the bar so low that you can’t help but reach it. And thank god for them; they make the rest of us look amazing.

Consider this video my Christmas gift to all you dads out there. Odds are, even at your worst, you’re a better parent than this moron. So give yourself a pat on the back. Hell, give yourself two, if you’re not a Cowboys fan!

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