Locker Room Talk, My Ass

You may have heard about a little video featuring the Republican nominee for President?

You know, the one where he openly discusses his practice of forcing himself on women while a weaselly little guy from the flimsiest corner of American celebrity laughs along to The Donald’s hilarious locker room talk?

I decided to secure a towel around my waist and air out my thoughts.

I took to Scary Mommy to rebut Donald Trump’s attempt to dismiss the disgusting comments in that video as “locker room talk” because I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms and I’ve never heard a guy talk like that. Especially not a guy who already has a reputation for actually doing those things.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece; the link to the full post is down below.

‘Locker Room Talk’? Not Any Locker Room I’ve Ever Been In

I know locker room talk. Locker room talk is a friend of mine. What Donald Trump and Billy Bush enjoyed (and boy, did Billy enjoy it!) during their chat on set of that soap opera was not locker room talk. It was the casual banter of someone who routinely and nonchalantly speaks this way about women — to strangers, in public, to TV personalities, on debate stages — because he feels that way about women. It was the verbal manifestation of his misogyny and his privilege.

Of the many, many lies Donald Trump spewed at the second presidential debate Sunday night, dismissing this conversation as “locker room talk” wasn’t even the worst. We all have favorites, but mine was probably when he tried to pretend that he respects women — “I have great respect for women. Nobody has more respect for women than I do.” — and is a gentleman. His attempt to act as if this were an outlier, in the face of decades of evidence to the contrary, was nothing short of outrageous.

Check out the full post on Scary Mommy!

Guys can be crude, sure, but how offensive is this idea that once we’re behind closed doors we become black-hearted neanderthals who think of nothing but abusing women? As if we can’t wait to retreat to our sacred man spaces (NO GIRLS ALLOWED!) where we can finally drag people – our mothers and our wives and our daughters and our countless friends and teachers and bosses – through the mud and commence measuring and categorizing them according to their looks, without the wusses in the PC police coming down on us for it!

Everyone talks about how angry women should be about Trump’s opinion of them, but we men should be just as upset about how he’s representing us. Just add it to the list, I guess. And take that list with you when you VOTE.

P.S. Sorry not sorry for bringing up pesky politics again!

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