Picky Eaters Drive Parents Insane

You guys came out in full force for this one, both with your comments before we recorded (thank you!) and with your compliments after we shared the episode (THANK YOU!). We may finally be getting the hang of this!

It doesn’t hurt that discussing the eating habits – or lack thereof – of children gave us so much to work with, and to bitch about. From “air sandwiches” to two weeks of hot dogs, from eating pancakes for every meal to only eating a hamburger if it’s referred to as “Salisbury steak,” it’s clear that kids are insane. But what it all boils down to is making sure they don’t starve, even if that means letting them have the sugary cereal once in a while, despite Pete the Prude’s sheltered upbringing. FED IS BEST!

We got into all of the wacky things parents do to make sure out kids survive, and all the infuriating things our kids do to drive us insane. We even spent a few minutes trashing those smug parents who brag about their kids “refined palate” because SHUT UP, KAREN!

Watch and/or listen below (all the podcast links are beneath the video)! It’s a fun one!

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