Action Movie One-Liners for Every Parenting Scenario

Action Movie One-Liners for Every Parenting Scenario

One of the most annoying (according to my wife) and also best (according to me), is my habit of constantly quoting movies for no reason. I have seen a lot of movies and I remember a lot of lines from them, and I enjoy repeating them out loud,  even when they have no relation to what is happening at the moment. It’s adorable (me) and infuriating (her).

So I’ve decided to make an effort to quote lines that do make sense in the moment, and to help me this endeavor, I’ve made a list of memorable lines from action movies that apply to everyday parenting situations.

You can use them too! You’re welcome.

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Ten Years Gone

Ten Years Gone

Today is my oldest son’s birthday.

It’s not always easy with Detective Munch. On top of the fact that he’s a lot like me, and – newsflash! – I am not always easy! (Shocking, I know.) He also has ADHD, as I’ve written about, and podcasted about, before. I still haven’t figured out how to parent through his ADHD, which is no surprise, as I also haven’t figured out how to parent, period, which doesn’t help.

But I’m trying. Years ago, I told you about the things that make Detective Munch so great. Today I’m going to tell him.

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Parenting Sucks

Parenting Sucks

The other day, some guy messaged me, all worried that my constant jokes about hating parenting aren’t jokes. He’s concerned that I truly hate being a dad.

And guess what? He’s right. I do hate it. It sucks!

It’s hard. It’s exhausting. It’s expensive. It’s stressful. It’s frustrating. It’s boring. It’s loud. It’s demanding. And I’m terrible at it.

What sane person enjoys an activity like that?

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Homeschooling Tips? Sell Crazy Someplace Else!

Homeschooling Tips? Sell Crazy Someplace Else!

You may have noticed that I don’t blog as much these days. I have a lot going on, between my day job, my side jobs, my podcast, my social media empire, this quarantine, etc. I feel like I’m forgetting something… oh right, my wife has been self-isolating with COVID-19 symptoms for going on three weeks so my kids and I are stuck at home fending for ourselves.

I’m busy. Get off me!

Finding time to write isn’t always easy, but sometimes something comes along and I simply can’t resist putting together a response. That something happened today, when I stumbled upon an article on PopSugar titled: I’m a Homeschool Mom Who’s Been Doing It a While — Here Are My Top 10 Tips

Let’s get into it.

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Dads Bond With Their Sons Too

Dads Bond With Their Sons Too

Over the last few days, in the aftermath of Kobe Bryant’s tragic death, a touching clip has been making the rounds. It features an ESPN anchor losing her composure while recounting a conversation she had with the NBA legend about his role as a father to three daughters (he hadn’t yet had his fourth).

The popular, and polarizing, player gushed about how much he loved being a “girl dad,” and after her story went viral, dads and daughters everywhere gushed about their own relationships, using the #girldad hashtag. It’s been trending for days.

You know what you don’t see? The term #boydad trending. As if there’s nothing special, or challenging, about the father/son relationship.

But there is.

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