Judgment Nay

Judgment Nay

On Tuesday I read a great post on Baltimore Magazine’s “Learning to Crawl” parenting blog. It’s essentially a confession from a father that he is a terrible parent.

The post is largely facetious, but only because it’s written by a man who has been a parent for five years now. Had it been written by the same man prior to his son’s birth, I imagine it would have been a lot more serious. Because before he’d actually had the kid, the guy didn’t know what he was talking about.

The post is really about the futility of parenting decisions that are made in a vacuum. Kids aren’t lab rats; in fact, it doesn’t take long for us new parents to realize that we’re the lab rats. We’re the ones being tested. And, as the post enumerates, we’re the ones that are constantly failing.

Only not really.

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