Hammer Time!

Hammer Time!

I wasn’t sure I wanted a second kid. Today, that second kid turns 6.

I definitely didn’t want a large age gap between my kids. He was born more than 5 years after my first.

I also wanted a girl. My new 6-year-old is boy #2.

Welp. Plans are stupid. Expectations are stupider. (Yes I know it’s not a word, get off me!)

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My Son’s ADHD Is Getting to Me

My Son’s ADHD Is Getting to Me

I’m the first to admit that I’m still figuring out how to parent, especially when it comes to my first-born. He has ADHD, and there are aspects of the condition, and the way it influences his behavior and personality, that I still don’t understand.

But every once in a while, I gain insight. I make strides. In understanding it, I mean. Not necessarily in parenting it!

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