Mom and Buried

(I know what you’re thinking: she finally wore me down and got me to give her a platform. But you’re wrong! In fact, it was the opposite. I’ve been begging Mom and Buried to contribute to my blog for years, and thus far she’s posted twice. Twice! She’s far more prolific on her Instagram.)

I never aimed to be a mom blogger.

The name “Mom and Buried” is collateral damage from my brilliant (although sometimes irritating) husband who generated this blog out of nothing years ago and has been referring to me as Mom and Buried for years, long before I decided to join the social media fray.

Why did I decide to hop on board? MONEY! Ha. Ha ha. Just kidding. (Kinda.) Honestly, though, I’m not trying to be a mom blogger. I just aim to be me:

A mom, a wife, and, perhaps above all, a strong woman… who deals with her own crap just as we all do; personal, professional, and in my case, as someone who lives with Multiple Sclerosis. And all that goes along with it. Basically, being human. Just as we all are, in all of our beautiful complexity.

Being anything more than one dimensional might be too much for social media. But let’s find out together, shall we!?

My gracious husband has allowed me to carve out a little section of my own on his blog, complete with a menu header, and so I’ll be popping in to share some of my own unique (read: less angry than my husband’s) perspective on the everlasting shit-show (not that less angry!) that is parenting.

P.S. There will be swearing. So much fucking swearing. And bitching. Just wanted to give you that heads up!

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