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The Dad and Buried podcast is a show about parenting from a couple of guys who hate parenting. Don’t get us wrong, we love our kids – to different degrees, depending on the day (and the kid) – but being a parent is tough, time-consuming, stressful, thankless, expensive, exhausting, largely unrewarding, really loud, often quite boring – did I say expensive yet?, how about thankless? – emotionally draining work.

Join me and my co-host Pete – or Mom and Buried! – as we mock children, bash parenting, and talk about the stuff that most parents don’t usually talk about. At least not out loud. Or as funnily.

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This thing won’t work without YOU! We need your feedback, your input, your insults (Pete-directed only, please), and more. I’ll be asking for questions and comments on my different social channels (follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and I’ll be incorporating your words into each episode! I might even give you a shout-out!

Episode 100: The 100th Episode Q&A Session w/Mom and Buried AND Pete!


Episode 99: The Many, Many Ways Kids Are Annoying


Episode 98: Things Parents Wish They Knew – Part Two


Episode 97: Things Parents Wish They Knew Before They Had Kids (w/Mom and Buried)


Episode 96: Division of Labor (w/Mom and Buried)


Episode 95: Smartassery and Other Annoying Traits Kids Pick Up From You


Episode 94: Who Made Who? (w/Mom and Buried)


Episode 93: Family Bonding During Covid


Episode 92: Wintertime Fun with Kids!


Episode 91: Parenting with a Chronic Illness (w/Mom and Buried)


Episode 90: Birth Order and Parenting


Episode 89: Parenting Resolutions (w/Mom and Buried)


Episode 88: A Look Back at 2020


Episode 87: Holiday Traditions


Episode 86: The State of Education


Episode 85: Your Spouse’s Annoying Parenting Quirks


Episode 84: The History of Parenting


Episode 83: Shielding Kids from the Real World


Episode 82: Fall Family Fun!


Episode 81: Self-Care for Parents


Episode 80: Parents in the News


Episode 79: Kids Grow Up too Fast


Episode 78: Wholesome Family Traditions

Episode 77: Role Models

Episode 76: ADHD (with Mom and Buried)

Episode 75: Best and Worst TV Dads

Episode 74: Back to School in the Time of Covid (with Mom and Buried)

Episode 6: Screentime



Episode 9: Drinking While Parenting

Episode 17: Pet Moms!

Episode 23: Family Help

Episode 24: Helicopter Parents

Episode 26: Picky Eaters

Episode 27: Telling the Truth About Parenting

Episode 34: Potty Training
Episode 36: Kids TV Shows
Episode 38: Vaccinations and Anti-Vaxxers!
Episode 51: Life Before Kids
Episode 49: When Your Kid Has an Illness