How To Help New Parents

How To Help New Parents

Last summer, on Facebook, I saw a photo of a sign some new parents made after having a baby, in which they demanded help around the house in return for time with their newborn. I wrote a post about it. I shared it on Instagram. People were divided.

Some, myself included, felt the sign was presumptuous, pretentious, obnoxious, and at the very least, tacky. Others felt that in a world of overbearing in-laws, rude guests, and oblivious people with no awareness of how to behave around new parents, the sign was necessary.

Maybe we’re both right. Because people don’t know how to act around new parents.

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Thanks, Maybe

Thanks, Maybe

The other day, after Mom and Buried mentioned something about Father’s Day to Detective Munch, he responded by complaining about the fact that there isn’t a “kid’s day.”

Have you stopped laughing?

A child asking why there isn’t a kids’ day is like a white dude chanting “ALL LIVES MATTER” or a Meninist existing.


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Your Dignity Doesn’t Matter

Your Dignity Doesn’t Matter

Being a good parent means your kids’ comfort, health and happiness always supersede yours.

Parenting is about sacrifice, and that means more than giving your son the last piece of bacon, or being forced to stop listening to Kanye when your daughter is in the back seat. It means letting your kid think he told you what Superman’s one weakness is, or why the dinosaurs went extinct.

You have to sacrifice a little ego, and sometimes you have to sacrifice a little dignity. Just make sure it’s worth it when you do!

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