Zombie Post: And I Thought Babies Were Crazy!

About two years ago, barely more than a month into the whole “Wow, I own a baby!” thing, I wrote a post comparing babies to lunatics. I’ve resurrected it below.

Little did I know that toddlers were about 8000 times more insane. Sure, they’re more fun than babies but they are a lot more unpredictable. The only thing unpredictable about an infant is which fluid is going to come out of him, and from where. Toddlers can do a lot more, but retain only a fraction more understanding of why they are doing it, or what might happen.

Currently, my two year old’s favorite pastime is suddenly, without warning, dive-bombing onto my chest, laughing maniacally while he does it. He also enjoys throwing the football towards me and then screaming like an air raid siren if I go near it. I don’t think he understands what “playing catch” actually means. Who am I kidding, I know he doesn’t understand what it means. He’s two.

It’s actually kind of cute to look back at the post below; I was so naive! Take a look; I have to go stop my son from chewing on the cat’s tail.

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One thought on “Zombie Post: And I Thought Babies Were Crazy!

  1. Beth – Wow, so handsome Lailah! You’re going to have a line of girls ouistde your house pretty soon! Erin is going to be first in line. =) It was so cute how sweet he was with her when you guys visited!

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