Noise-Cancel Culture

Noise-Cancel Culture

Disclaimer: I partnered with Best Buy and Sony to promote their noise-canceling headphones, but all opinions and whining about my kids are my own.

I spend a lot of time wearing headphones.

On my commute to work, when I work at my desk, when I’m writing, when I’m mowing the lawn, when I’m emptying the dishwasher, I even used to go to sleep with my headphones in.Music is life. Podcasts are pretty good too. (Check out the latest episode of mine!)

Basically, I prefer to listen to things besides the noise of the street, or the strangers standing next to me on the subway, or the people in my home asking me for snacks and shows and toys.

That’s why I love my new noise-cancelling headphones. 

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Parenting On Empty

Parenting On Empty

Exhaustion is the number one parenting complaint on a long list of them. It’s valid, it’s real, and it’s very old news. Oh, you’re tired? Tell me something I don’t know.

Sorry, but being tired isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion tireds! Being tired and parenting anyway!

I call it “parenting on empty.” But I should probable just call it “parenting” because we all do it. And it’s impressive AF.

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Fear and Loathing and the Momo Challenge

Fear and Loathing and the Momo Challenge

My instinct is to joke about it. To make fun of the whole thing, to poke fun at the people who fall for it, to bemoan the dumb victims and their bad parents.

But he whole thing is so twisted it makes my stomach churn. These are little kids.

No matter how desperately I wish it were funny, the Momo Challenge isn’t a joke. Real or not, the prospect is terrifying.

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Cruise Control

Cruise Control

There’s a running joke among parents that any vacation you take with your kids is not actually a vacation, it’s a trip. God knows I’ve leaned on this joke myself from time to time. Because it’s true.

If you ask most parents to name their best vacation ever, odds are they’ll cite one they went on before they had children. Or on which the kids were left behind. I would have said the same thing; both of my favorite vacations – my big fat Greek honeymoon, or our trip to Tuscany – took place pre-kids.

That changed last month, when I went on my new best vacation ever. And surprise surprise, I even brought my kids along! It was the best of both worlds.

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