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The Dad and Buried podcast is a show about parenting from a couple of guys who hate parenting. Don’t get us wrong, we love our kids – to different degrees, depending on the day (and the kid) – but being a parent is tough, time-consuming, stressful, thankless, expensive, exhausting, largely unrewarding, really loud, often quite boring – did I say expensive yet?, how about thankless? – emotionally draining work.

Join me and my co-host Pete as we mock children, bash parenting, and talk about the stuff that most parents don’t usually talk about. At least not out loud. Or as funnily.

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This thing won’t work without YOU! We need your feedback, your input, your insults (Pete-directed only, please), and more. I’ll be asking for questions and comments on my different social channels (follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and I’ll be incorporating your words into each episode! I might even give you a shout-out!

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