The Hunger Games: Toddler-Style

The Hunger Games: Toddler-Style

Competition is all the rage in March, what with the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament and that other thing with women playing sports that ESPN pretends to care about. Every other website posts some March Madness-influenced bracket based around best TV shows, hottest chicks, etc. Someone needs to create a bracket where all the different brackets are pitted against each other.

This weekend adds another competition-based entity to the mix, the Hunger Games flick, which is a remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic flick The Running Man, I think, just with kids needing to kill-or-be-killed in a lethal arena within some futuristic dystopia (interestingly, Jennifer Lawrence is a top seed in March Hotness too).

All this has got me thinking about how my son would fare in such situations…

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