Help a Father Out

Help a Father Out

One of the lessons I am trying to impart to my young son is that it’s okay to ask for help.

It might seem obvious, but there’s a long-standing perception within some corners of male culture that asking for help betrays weakness. Why do you think we never ask for directions?

I’ve personally never been one for being macho. The concept is outdated, and even the word is silly. I’m teaching my son that there’s no shame in knowing your limitations and asking for help. Especially when you really need it.

Someone who really needs it right now is the founder of the Dad Bloggers group I’m a part of on Facebook, Oren Miller. If you haven’t heard his heartbreaking story, get your tissues ready. And then open your wallets. Because his family is in for a tough road, and is friends and fellow Dad Bloggers – a great, diverse, generous group I’m proud to be a part of – are not going to bother waiting for them to ask for help.

We’re going ahead and doing it anyway. I hope you will too.

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Driver’s Nuisance

Driver’s Nuisance

You may have noticed that the blog has been a bit quiet lately. That’s because my life has been so loud.

The past few weeks have seen me, Mom and Buried, Detective Munch finally make the dreaded highly anticipated move down to Raleigh, North Carolina. First our bodies, then our belongings made their way below the Mason-Dixon.

We aren’t even close to settled-in, and so I have hardly been able to begin dealing with the culture shock that comes with a move from the northeast to the midsouth.

Especially since I was already forced to visit the DMV.

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