Parental Advisories: Solicitation Wednesday!

Parental Advisories: Solicitation Wednesday!

Can you do me a favor?

I know: What have I done for you lately? Nothing. And that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Not without your help!

A few months ago, I got so sick of only answering my wife’s questions incorrectly that I wanted to open my idiocy up to the rest of the world. So I started an advice column called “Take This Under Advisement, Jerkweed!” because I have a thing for making irrelevant movie references.

Unfortunately, my advice was either so perfect that everyone’s problems were solved, or it was so terrible that no one else wanted to ask me anything. But I forgive you. And I’m giving you another chance.

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Follow the Advice of the Galactically Stupid

Follow the Advice of the Galactically Stupid

I like to read advice columns. They are often hilarious, sometimes due to the strangeness of the issue, sometimes because of the obliviousness of the advice seeker. Judging by their questions, these people have no clue how to conduct themselves socially. It can be fun to laugh at them.

And sometimes the funniest part is the so-called expert’s response. The idea of someone being an expert in all of these far-reaching, wide-ranging problems from other people’s lives is flagrantly absurd, and it’s almost as entertaining to judge this self-proclaimed expert’s answers as it is to judge the questions. Just look at the nonsense in this column. It comes at you from both sides!

The whole advice racket is just too much fun to pass up, so today I’m announcing my intention to join in.

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