Potty Training Hell

Potty Training Hell

And so it begins.

To be honest, it probably should’ve started already, but Dad and Buried has been a little pee-shy, as in: I don’t want to help my son pee. I’ve been dreading this whole stage in my son’s development. Not because it signifies him getting older, but because I’m clueless. And it signifies him getting more inconvenient.

Now, with summer approaching, and a new preschool looming in the fall, it’s time: my son needs to be potty trained.

As the stay-at-home parent, it trickles down to me to fulfill this duty.

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Pop Vulture

Pop Vulture

A lot of things have changed since I became a father. I drink less, I curse less, I sleep less…

Of course, many of those things likely would have been changing anyway, by virtue of age and maturity age. So my son doesn’t get all the blame, not in those instances.

He does, however, get all the blame for the alarming shift in my pop culture habits.

Altering the media you consume because you are a parent might seem like a minor thing to some people, especially pretentious snobs who don’t own computers and don’t watch TV, and obnoxious jerks who pretend they don’t own a computer or watch TV. But for me, it’s a big deal.

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Abusement Park: A Visit to Sesame Place

Abusement Park: A Visit to Sesame Place

I am what some people might call a bit of a curmudgeon. If I am in a mood, it doesn’t take much to frustrate me and set me on edge.

Thankfully, my son is the perfect antidote for that tendency, with his unique ability to refocus my perspective and make me happy. He’s not a panacea, but my experience this past weekend visiting Sesame Place, the Sesame Street themed amusement park outside of Philadelphia, showed me just how much good he does for my daily mood and overall outlook.

Because holy shit that place is a nightmare.

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Cutting the Cable Cord

Cutting the Cable Cord

We got rid of cable.

The summer is the perfect time to cancel. We don’t watch reality shows, we don’t watch USA’s oh-so-breezy summer programming…and not much else is on until fall, when, according to the last few commercials I saw, electricty disappears and hack jokes about guys having to be parents – THE HORROR! – are all the rage.

Except for Breaking Bad, there’s not much I can’t wait for.

The stuff I am gonna miss without TV? Sports, filler, and the kids programming. Oh wait, we have plenty of kids programming. No shortage of inane, annoying, loud, bright, anthropomorphized animals and songs about brushing your teeth here.

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Speaker Impediment

Speaker Impediment

When you have a young kid, a baby monitor is essential.

Even with our son nearly two and (knock on wood) past the danger zone of accidentally suffocating himself on a bumper or a stuffed animal, the monitor remains a crucial piece of equipment. It allows us to have peace of mind while our kid sleeps in the other room. We are able to have a drink(s), watch a movie, go to sleep, comfortable in the fact that if he wakes up or needs something, we’ll hear him through the monitor.

I don’t even use an alarm clock anymore, secure in the fact that my son will wake me up WELL BEFORE I need to get up for work. It’s foolproof.

Unless the monitor stops working. Then things can get scary.

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