Celebrity Parenting Advice is Meaningless

Celebrity Parenting Advice is Meaningless

Taking celebrity advice is idiotic. Taking celebrity parenting advice is even worse.

I’m not gonna tell anyone to “shut up and dribble” or to stick to rapping, no matter how ridiculous their comments might be. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and if we’re gonna get mad that a famous person uses their platform to spout theirs, then maybe we shouldn’t have made that person famous to begin with. The fact is, getting parenting advice from almost anyone – other parents, your parents, non-parents, coworkers, that close-minded anti-Trumper with a dad blog – is one of the small tortures of this lifestyle.

But there’s something worse about celebrity parenting advice.

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Questionable Parenting in A QUIET PLACE

Questionable Parenting in A QUIET PLACE

Over the weekend, Mom and Buried and I went to the movies. We were visiting my family in Connecticut and we took advantage of the free babysitting to see A Quiet Place.

I enjoyed the movie but I had some issues with it. Particularly with the parenting.

First things first: if you live in a world ravaged by monsters that rely on sound to find you, DON’T GET PREGNANT!


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Allergy Awareness Is Terrifying (And Necessary)

Allergy Awareness Is Terrifying (And Necessary)

Parenting is scary.

If you care about your kids, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the responsibility – of keeping them alive, of keeping them safe, of teaching them not to be cruel. The world is full of infinite potential for disaster, and if you allow anxiety and paranoia to take over, it can paralyze you and cripple your kids’ development.

The good news is that most of the stuff you fear probably won’t happen! Most of it is purely theoretical, and if you use your best judgment and common sense, odds are you’ll do a fine job of protecting your kids. But some fears are legit, and require extra vigilance. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you!

Especially when your kid has a food allergy.

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The Parenting Paradox

The Parenting Paradox

A few months ago, I joined that Sarahah site, via which people can send you anonymous messages (hmu: username dadandburied, duh).

I was expecting to get mocked and hoping to be praised. Unfortunately, I ended up getting asked heavy questions, like the one in the photo: do you enjoy being a dad or do you wish you were free?

Um, both? It’s a paradox.

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