Categorically Opposed

Categorically Opposed

Recently, Target announced that they’d be doing away with gender-categorizations in their children’s sections. This made a lot of people happy and a lot of people angry.

I am torn between being baffled by the anger and totally understanding it. Not because I agree with it (most of the angry people seem to think Target has a nefarious agenda, which: CUCKOO!) but because I get where those people are coming from, at least on one level: human beings love labels.

Labels are comforting. Nothing scares us like stuff we don’t understand, and labels help us understand things.

My son is white. He is male. He is an American. He may be straight or gay, he may be religious or not, he may be liberal or conservative. But if I have my way, he’ll be none of those things.

He’ll just be a human being, like everyone else.

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The Rarer Sex: Suddenly She More?

The Rarer Sex: Suddenly She More?

Changes come in clumps. I’m probably not alone when I tell you that several of my friends got married right around the same time as I did, and subsequently had their first kids right around the same time I did and, eventually, will get divorced around the same time I do.

Such is how the world turns, and now is the time on Sprockets when people have their second child, should they choose to do so. My wife and I have not yet made a choice one way or the other – though we were considering the pros and cons almost immediately after we had Kid #1.

The jury remains out for us. But if we do have a second, my wife would love a daughter.

So much so that I would not be surprised to see her attempt to shove a second son back in.

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