Kids are Sponges

Kids are Sponges

“Little kids are sponges.”

You hear it all the time, and it’s true. My son’s vocabulary increases every day, and most of what he’s learning he gets right from Mom and Dad, such as his first “curse” word, the relatively innocuous “dammit!” Needless to say, we’ve had to become a lot more careful about the words we use. It’s a bit of a pain.

But there’s a flip side to that coin. Sure, he parrots a lot of stuff we don’t even realize we’ve said around him, or don’t necessarily want him to be saying, but we can also train him to provide some entertainment. For example…

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“Come at the [Throne], You Best Not Miss…”

“Come at the [Throne], You Best Not Miss…”

A year or so back I posted a picture of the awesome Omar bib my Baltimore-based friend bought for my son me. (I’d previously stated that my wife bought it, but she merely framed it.)

“The Wire” – aka the Best Television Program Ever Created – has been off the air for years now, and HBO is still scrambling to find another critically acclaimed, lowly-rated masterpiece. They haven’t quite equaled “The Wire” just yet, but they have some good shows, including “Game of Thrones”.

And now, a Brooklyn artist has created a poster for a dream mashup of “The Wire”‘s best character and the family crests on GoT. And it is AWESOME. I know at least one friend who is buying it right now.

Take a look…

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