Don’t Put Up, Shut Up

Don’t Put Up, Shut Up

Yesterday was #WomanCrushWednesday, the one day a week when Instagram users are allowed to share a photo of a woman they want to have sex with. (I don’t actually know the official premise of the stupid theme.) I shared a photo of Mom and Buried, been there, done that! YEAH BOYEEEEEEEEE!

I chose a picture in which she looks really pretty, she’s clearly very happy, and is doing something mom-related because I’m nothing if not consistently ON BRAND. I also chose a picture in which her face is partially obscured, because a little anonymity is good and also it’s hilarious to constantly obscure her face. (Did you see the birthday pic I posted?)

She may not think it’s hilarious, but she knows who she married. She’s used to putting up with me.

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No Kids is Alright

No Kids is Alright

Having kids is not for everyone. After reading my blog, some people might even say it’s not for me. (Some people even have, god bless ’em!)

There are moments when I wonder if it’s right for me, usually when my son is screaming about something and we’re out of beer. But those moments are fleeting.

I’ve always known I wanted to have kids, though I suppose it can be tough to know whether that was a true desire or the kind of checkpoint-based “maturity” and conformity Tyler Durden was so angry about (i.e., it’s just what you do). Fortunately, I knew I’d made the right choice when my son was born and I didn’t have even the slightest urge to split, and that choice is validated every day.

But it is a choice. And there’s nothing wrong with making a different one.

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When Your Spouse Questions Your Parenting

When Your Spouse Questions Your Parenting

This blog has evolved.

It started as, and will always be, a blog about balancing the joy-sucking demands of fatherhood with the desire to actually have a life and a libido and a buzz once in a while. But faced with the emergence of an enemy that was heretofore hidden from my non-parent self, the blog has acquired a mission: keeping moms and dads free from the judgment of the Other Parent.

So what happens when the Other Parent is your spouse? What do you do when your spouse questions your parenting?

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