[Video] Room Trailer

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Newsflash: I’m not a particularly emotional guy. And I pretty much never get emotional about fiction.

I don’t cry at movies, or TV shows, or books. Sure, some stuff tugs at my heartstrings and I’ll occasionally well up a bit, and I love a good heartwarming moment as much as the next person (like the end of Without a Trace), but tears? No.

Truth be told, I didn’t cry reading Room either. For the entire first half of the book I was crawling out of my skin and almost had a heart attack, but I didn’t cry.

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Midnight Caller

30 Jul IMG_0358.JPG

Kids are crafty.

They learn at an early age how to manipulate you to get what they want. And there are few things kids want more than sleeping in your bed. Or not sleeping at all. They have a variety of tactics for making it happen.

Let me count the ways…

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Repetition Breeds Contempt

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Having children gives you the opportunity to appreciate anew all the wonderful stuff you take for granted when you become an adult, the classic children’s books and films and cartoons you grew up with are part of that.

Lately I’ve been discovering that sometimes the reverse happens, and your children actually make you hate the things you once loved.

Repetition breeds contempt.

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Parenting Job Titles

24 Jul parenting, parenting job titles, dad and buried, dad blogs, dad bloggers, dad and buried, mommy bloggers, funny, humor, kids, lifestyle, children, family, home, fatherhood, motherhood, responsibilities, work

When you’re a parent, you take on a lot of roles.

You’re still the person you were before you were a parent (to varying degrees), but now you’re also the person your kid knows as Mommy or Daddy. And then you’re the million different things your kid needs you to be over the course of the day.

If this were a resume it would 30 pages long.

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A Hard Night’s Night

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Nothing is more joyous than getting your kids to bed for the night.

Unfortunately, when their bedtime routine is finally completed, you’re usually too spent to take advantage.

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