“Family Vacation” is an Oxymoron

22 Aug download (1)

Things are going to be quiet around here for the next week or so, because Dad and Buried is going on vacation!

I’m actually a little reluctant to call it a vacation, since I’m bringing my toddler along. Yes, I’m taking the week off from work, and from my blog (I’ll still be updating my Facebook page every now and then, so be sure to follow me there!), and I’ll be at the beach. But I don’t know how much relaxation will be happening, as it’s not exactly my son’s middle name.


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[E-card] A Whole New World

20 Aug

perspective sunrise ecard1 [E card] A Whole New World

The Worst Baby Names Ever!

19 Aug parenting, parenthood, dad bloggers, judgment, moms, dads, baby names, celebrities, cheezburger, lolcats

There’s nothing parents enjoy more than judging other parents.

Don’t believe me? Go post a picture of your toddler in his car seat and see how long it takes for someone to question the way he’s strapped in.

Nobody knows better for your child than some other child’s mom or dad and nobody is quicker to let you know.

Especially when it comes to names.

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How To Avoid Buying Crap For Your Kids

15 Aug Barclays center, toddlers, parenting, funny, tips, humor, dad bloggers, Marvel Universe Live!, superheroes, Thor, Spider-man, the Hulk, souvenirs, Iron Man,

Lat night, I took my kid to see Marvel Universe LIVE!, an arena-based stunt show featuring what seemed to be every single major, minor and tertiary character from Marvel Comics history. Let’s just say it was a little overstuffed.

At least the second act was (there’s a twenty-minute intermission while they rework the sets), which was all I really saw. I spent almost the entire first act in line at the concession stand waiting for twenty dollars worth of hot dogs (i.e., 3 hot dogs). By the time I got back inside to the show, Loki had already made off with the cosmic cube (or something) and the bevy of costumed stuntmen were moving around and/or standing in place while pre-recorded dialogue was played over the loudspeakers.

(For some reason Spider-man was really into social media (read: annoying) and constantly said stuff like, “SELFIE!” and “I gotta tweet about this!”)

Needless to say my son loved it, and was desperate for a souvenir with which to mark the momentous occasion that he won’t give a shit about in less than two weeks.

Here’s how I avoided buying him one.

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[E-card] Common Ground

13 Aug

crackheads3 [E card] Common Ground

Ice Bucket Challenge

12 Aug ALS, ice bucket challenge, dad bloggers, howtobeadad, askyourdadblog, charlie capen, john kinnear, charity, parenting, dads, health, andy herald, banana for scale

I am probably* late to the party but get off me! I was only challenged yesterday!

The party I’m referring to is the Ice Bucket Challenge that’s been consuming social media lately, in which someone pours a bucket of ice on their head in an effort to bring awareness to the ALS association. The idea is that the videos raise awareness, and also that the people who refuse to risk pneumonia have to donate $100 to the cause. Of course, those things aren’t mutually exclusive, and you can do both if you want to.

Even if only a fraction of the people taking part in the trend end up actually donating, the publicity has to be a positive, right?

So today, after a friend passed the challenge on to me, I hopped on the bandwagon too. And let me tell you, on a rainy night in Brooklyn, it was COLD.

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Today Ask Your Dad Blog, Tomorrow the World!

11 Aug

Last week I posted a quick little update about the passing of my son’s afternoon nap on Facebook.

Upon reading it, my archenemy at Ask Your Dad Blog, John Kinnear, told me he wished he had written it and proceeded to beg me to tell everyone he had. When I refused, he requested that I instead write an expanded version to post on his site so that he might fool his readers into thinking he was as funny as I am. I, in my infinite generosity, agreed, if only to stop the pathetic groveling. (And the tears. Dear lord, the tears.) 8 11 2014 5 51 37 PM 300x253 Today Ask Your Dad Blog, Tomorrow the World!

Earlier today, I bestowed a guest post upon Mr. Kinnear and his loyal readers, not without some selfish hope that a handful of them might migrate my way after sampling my skillz, but mostly because John told me he’d eventually write something for my site in return, if only I would stop my groveling. (He didn’t have to ask me to stop crying because I DON’T CRY. FACT.)

Please, head over to John’s site and check my extended eulogy out, and then I suppose you might want to stick around and read some of his other junk that may or may not be slightly nicer and/or slightly funnier than mine (emphasis on MAY NOT).

I mean, if you want to. I’m not going to hold a gun to your head. I’ve done enough.

Label War

11 Aug penguin, toddlers, parenting, tween, funny, humor, labels, moms, dads, dad bloggers, funny, schwarzenegger, you lack discipline, school, preschool, cyanide and happiness

For reasons that make little sense to my readers, my wife, or even myself, I often refer to my son as Detective Munch. But that’s almost exclusively online; I never call him that to his face.

No, to his face I call him all manner of things, some of which rhyme with his actual name (there aren’t a lot of options; his actual name is Pantry), some of which rhyme with grass-pole, and most of which are just nonsense words because I’m more of a child than he is.

Aside from causing some identity-confusion that could come back to haunt us both and the occasional scolding from Mom and Buried, the nonsense nicknames I give my son are harmless. They’re just a way for me to be affectionate with him when I can’t remember his real name and don’t want him to know I’ve forgotten.

But since I don’t use his real name online, I’m starting to run out of ways to refer to him, especially as he gets older.

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What Parents Eat

6 Aug

Food Pyramid1 What Parents Eat

Guest Post: Suburban Snapshots and the Benefits of One

4 Aug only child, brenna jennings, surburban snapshots, parenting, family, life, lifestyle, kids, children, mom bloggers, dad bloggers, parent bloggers, funny, humor, spoiled, society, culture

The internet is weird.

Almost 15 years ago (pre-blog, pre-kid, pre-mature) at my first job after college, I briefly worked with a woman named Brenna Jennings. (I almost called it my first “real” job but I think Brenna will agree that “real” barely applies.) We weren’t exactly friends but she was a lot taller than me so that was my fault.

Cut to a decade and a half later when I recognized her name on the byline of a funny piece on The Huffington Post and immediately went to her hilarious, like-minded blog, Suburban Snapshots. I reached out, explained who I was several times until she pretended to remember me, and we rekindled what I can only refer to as an adversarial, she-had-no-time-for-me-and-I-was-scared-of-her relationship. And then I asked Brenna, a self-described “working mom who blogs it out because vodka has too many calories,” to write a guest post on Dad and Buried.

After almost a year, she finally obliged.

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