Dutch Lovin’ at Dutch Wonderland

6 Jul parenting, water park, dad and buried, dad blogs, mom blogs, mommy bloggers, fatherhood, funny, humor, travel, amusement park, kids, children, vacation, dutch wonderland

This Father’s Day, we took our son to his first amusement park. (Because what do you get for the dad who has everything? LOWER BACK PAIN!)

I guess, technically, it was his second amusement park, but that’s only if you count our visit to Sesame Place when he had just turned two. But he doesn’t even remember that and I’m still doing my best to forget it. This trip was a lot more successful.

Somehow, despite the fact that “Dutch Wonderland” isn’t a cool nickname for Amsterdam, even the adults had fun!

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Is It Bedtime Yet?

1 Jul separation anxiety, parenting, parenthood, toddlers, school, pre-k, motherhood, fatherhood, funny, stress, family, home, education, homeschool

Children will never admit to being tired.

They’ll shake their heads while they’re yawning if they think it will buy them five more minutes of doing whatever stupid bullshit they’re doing. My son hates going to bed more than I hate trying to put my son to bed!

They simply don’t know what’s best for them. So it’s up to us to decide.

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Don’t Fear the Future

29 Jun future, the future sucked, parenting, parenthood, dads, dad blog, dad bloggers, dad and buried, funny, humor, mom blogs, mom bloggers, lifestyle, kids, family, fear, stress, anxiety, mad max

I’ve never really liked post-apocalyptic movies.

You know the ones, where the world is shit, whether by circumstance or calamity, and everyone left is fighting for survival and scrounging for sustenance. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome‘s dry, desert dystopia just depresses me (although I definitely enjoyed Fury Road). Everyone is so dirty! It looks miserable. One of the reasons people prefer The Empire Strikes Back to Star Wars is because for once, a href=”https://instagram.com/p/4bzR5EjepO” target=”_blank”>Tattoine isn’t involved.

The good news is I’m almost 40; the odds of having to experience such a hellscape in real life dwindle with every birthday I have. The bad news is that with every birthday he has, my son may actually be getting closer to experiencing such a life.

Thankfully, I don’t really care.

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Not So Fast

25 Jun My son was just lying on my chest and it was just like this photo from four-and-a-half years ago except not even close, because he's five times the size now. #tbt #ThrowbackThursday

We didn’t post one of those September/June, then/now photo comparisons.

Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You’re on Facebook; those things are everywhere.

It’s rare to find a parent who didn’t measure the passage of time by juxtaposing pictures of their kid’s first day of school in September with their kid’s last day of school in June. And then, with a mixture of pride (“He did it!”) and petulance (“He’s growing up too fast!”), they bemoan the passage of time, whine about how fast it’s all going, and bitch about how quickly kids grow up.

I call bullshit.

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Noise Tolerance

24 Jun parenting, tolerance, screaming, noise, dads, moms, kids, family, children, lifestyle, life, parenthood, motherhood, fatherhood, mom blogs, dad blogs, dad bloggers, parent bloggers, funny, humor, e-card, ecard, memes, noise tolerance

Parenting is an experiment.

You keep trying new things, seeing what works (nothing) and what doesn’t (everything), and shifting your techniques accordingly until you land on the perfect (read: imaginary) combination and tend to your impressionable child until he sprouts into a flawless adult.

Unfortunately, that’s all a waste of time. Not only because parenting is impossible to game plan, and because it turns out we’re the test subjects.

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