How to Prank Your Kids on April Fools Day

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April Fools’ Day is idiotic.

For one thing, most people – in desperate attempts to join in but without the wherewithal or imagination to do something elaborate enough to be deemed an actual prank – just end up lying instead, which isn’t exactly an April 1st phenomenon. After all, you don’t need to prep for that, or wait for the perfect date; all you need to tell a lie is a functioning mouth and low morals!

Besides, actually formalizing and setting aside a day for pranking people defeats the entire purpose; even the least skeptical person on earth cloaks themselves in disbelief on April 1st, preferring to play it safe than be played for a fool.

These days, about the only people you can get away with fooling on April Fools’ Day are little kids. And I happen to have one of those, so let’s get on with it.

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[E-card] Sleep Straining

1 Apr

We’ve already discussed how young children and college kids aren’t all that different. It’s pretty obvious.

But who knew college kids and parents faced similar bedtime challenges?

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Over-planned Parenthood

30 Mar planning, school, education, parenting, dads, moms, fatherhood, motherhood, parenting, lifestyle, vacation, stress, dad and buried, funny dad bloggers, humor, planned parenthood

My son’s impending entry into Kindergarten is causing a whole host of problems in my life. (Not the least of which will be his eventual ability to read the channel guide as I try to quickly scroll past the names of his garbage programs.)

It’s still six months away and yet it’s already negatively impacting my life. There are all sorts of schedules, and schedules mean planning, and I don’t like planning. I’m supposed to know what I’m doing six months in advance? I don’t even know what I did two days ago, and that was two days! Ago! (I went on a bar crawl, so what did you expect? I’m surprised I’m awake right now.)

But I’m a parent. Of a soon-to-be kindergartener. Planning has become an unavoidable part of my life. I mean, it’s even part of “planning” an escape.

It’s like I’m being mocked.

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Use Your Words (Carefully)

27 Mar parenting, judgment, parents, dads, moms, kids, children, funny, humor, dad bloggers, dad and buried, use your words, lifestyle, life, political correctness

Parents are a pretty sensitive group.

Perhaps because they themselves are the King of the Judgers, parents are more attuned to perceived slights than most. No group of people is more “victimized” than parents — and the word “victimized” is in quotes for exactly the reason you think it is.

These days, there’s just not a lot you can get away with saying to or about moms and dads without someone getting offended. You have to use your words very carefully.

You’d probably have better luck suggesting that Hitler had some good ideas than saying just about anything about parenting to a parent.

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March Sadness

25 Mar parenting, march madness, basketball, NCAA, tournament, dads, moms, motherhood, fatherhood, parenthood, dad and buried, funny, dad bloggers, humor, sports, lists, kids, sweet sixteen, tournament, dad and buried, family, children

Every year around this time, a million different websites do some goofy version of a March Madness competition. So far I’ve seen brackets for beer, TV shows, bands, even junk food.

But has anyone done one about parenting? Probably! But now I have too! Introducing March Sadness: Dad and Buried’s Tournament of Complaints!

Where even the winner sucks!

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