The Story of My Life

25 Jul reality TV, blogging, cartoons, 80s, parenting, blogging, bloggers, dad bloggers, mom bloggers, parenting, kids, children, family, social media, facebook, twitter

Most parent bloggers have a gimmick, even if we don’t call it that, or think of it that way.

Maybe you’re the “creative dad” or the “do-it-yourself dad” or the “sensitive dad” or the “tattooed mom” or “the vodka-drinking mom” or the “traveling mom”. Or maybe you filter every parenting experience through an “I’m a gay parent” or “I’m a single mom” or “I’m a stay-at-home dad” or “I have twins.” We all have a hook.

Of course we do! With so many of us churning out post after post on the same handful of topics – say what you will about how unique your kid is or how groundbreaking your parenting style is, we’re all faced with the same issues and we all celebrate the same milestones – we need some kind of hook. Without them we’ll float away.

But does there come a point when our blogs, and even our lives, become so weighed down by the manufacturing of these moments, by constantly feeding these hooks, that it becomes detrimental? Are we straining so hard for attention that our lives are becoming artificial?

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[Ecard] Kids Are Gross

23 Jul

Tissues ecard1 [Ecard] Kids Are Gross

Bet On It

21 Jul Rory McIlroy, golf, sports, parenting, open championship, espn, toddlers, aspirations, parenthood, dads, moms, dad bloggers, funny, humor, family, life, lifestyle, expectations, zac efron

Over the weekend, professional golfer Rory McIlroy won the Open Championship. In the process he netted $1.66 million.

His father, meanwhile, scored big himself, having placed a bet in 2005 that his son would win the Open Championship by 2015. Daddy McIlroy collected (approximately) $171,000 merely for having confidence in his son’s golfing ability.

Which got me thinking…

What would I bet on my own son to accomplish within the next 10 years?

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Permissive Slips

18 Jul office, boys will be boys, dwight, misbehaving, bad behavior, parenting, dads, fatherhood, parenting, funny, humor, men, motherhood, family, life, culture, learning, discipline, bart simpson, chalkboard, the simpsons, veruca salt, permissive parenting

Last week, when I asked my Facebook followers for topic ideas, someone suggested I tackle the mixed feelings parents have when their kids misbehave. Which almost sounds crazy. Why would anyone have anything but bad feelings when their kids misbehave?

Then, earlier this week, I got yelled at by a bunch of people who got angry that I let my son run rampant on airplanes. Never mind that I don’t do that, and that my son has (thus far) been very well-behaved on airplanes; these people said HURTFUL things that MADE ME CRY.

And it got me reconsidering that reader’s request, especially since I suddenly and strongly want my kid to misbehave on our next flight, just out of spite.

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The Parenting ‘Theory of Relativity’

16 Jul

Theory of Relativity1 The Parenting Theory of Relativity

Guy Anxiety

14 Jul parenting, dads, gender, single parents, parenthood, family, lifestyle, moms, dad bloggers, blogger and a father, oren miller, dads don't babysit, funny, humor, spider-man, spidey sense, anxiety, toddlers

If you are one of the nearly 7000 people (dupes!) who follow my Facebook page, you probably got annoyed last week when I asked you for topic suggestions. Sue me; I had some writer’s block.

And I have bigger things to worry about than your happiness. As one of my readers reminded me with her suggested topic: Mums suffer from constant ridiculous anxieties re our kids. Like is he eating enough, has dad put his woolly hat on properly, will he get to college if he doesn’t get into the right nursery… and is he eating enough? How about you share your worst and most ludicrous dad anxieties?

Let me start by saying that a propensity for parenting anxiety can’t be so neatly divided by gender. I am often more paranoid and unnecessarily protective of my son than Mom and Buried is, and I think that just comes down to personality. But you’re right, Anonymous Reader: WOMEN BE CRAZY.

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Take This Under Advisement, Jerkweed! – Vol. 10

11 Jul advice, toddlers, parenting, TV

Many people don’t like giving advice, but not me. I don’t like giving directions (the only person who has a worse sense of direction than me is Mr. Magoo) but I love giving advice. Especially when it’s unsolicited. Which, unfortunately, it’s not. Because I asked you to ask me questions.

Despite having no training or authority or expertise in any arena aside from Movie Pong and The Kevin Bacon Game, I think I’m pretty good at the advice game. I’m a good listener and have given some friends some pretty good objective advice in the past, helpful, thoughtful advice that has (presumably) improved their relationships and (obviously) elevated my status in their lives.

But that’s not what I do here, with my “Parental Advisories”. No, here I play God with other people’s families.

Come and join me!

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[E-card] Supertoddler

9 Jul

superman e card [E card] Supertoddler

Nope Solo

7 Jul parenting, dads, gender, single parents, parenthood, family, lifestyle, moms, dad bloggers, blogger and a father, oren miller, dads don't babysit, funny, humor, hope solo

I’m a single parent* this week.

My wife is out-of-town, so I’ll be watching my threenager without her assistance for a good ten days. I’ll be responsible for feeding him and getting him dressed and getting him to bed and giving him his bath and telling him no and weathering his tantrums and telling him no and weathering his tantrums and telling him no and…

I’m not nervous about being alone with my son for a week; even though I’m not a stay-at-home dad anymore, I’m alone with my son all the time. I’m his dad and dads are parents too, contrary to popular opinion. The occasional bout of single parenting is part of the job, and I’m used to it.

But just because I can do it doesn’t mean I want to.

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Holiday Hierarchy

2 Jul

Holiday Rankings33 e1404418275510 Holiday Hierarchy