Toy Story 3 – A Hard G

So I saw Toy Story 3 this weekend. I was psyched to see it; Pixar is always reliable (Cars being the exception to the rule), so I had no fear of going.

In retrospect, with a lifetime of kid-dominated movie choices awaiting me, I probably should have opted for something more gratuitously violent or naked. Too late for that I guess. But I’m glad I saw this BEFORE my kid is born because if I had a toddler in the theater, expecting to see a light-hearted, family friendly romp featuring his favorite toy-based characters, I’d be covering his eyes more than my dad covered mine during Temple of Doom.

This movie is INTENSE. You’ve got torture, near-death-by-shredding, near-death-by-flames, a terrifying psycho-Golem of a baby doll (part Sloth, part Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi), and more. The toys in this flick are in constant peril, and most of it is pretty real – despite the animation. It’s got to be scary for kids, and I’m not sure it’s appropriate.

I’m no prude. My parents were showing me R-rated flicks by the time I was 10 (I saw Aliens in the theater, god bless em). Back in the day, we had PG movies that were more hardcore than todays Rs. But the last thing I need when I’m in the theater is a bunch of crying toddlers scared Woody and Mr. Potato Head are about to have their faces melted off. The 3-D already gave me enough of  a headache.

Bottom line, I enjoyed the movie a lot – nothing better describes the Toy Story movies than ‘clever’ – but it is not for little kids. Or for adults, really. Half the reviews I’ve read feature middle-aged parents crying their eyes out. But not me. I don’t cry.

And neither will my baby, if he knows what’s good for him. The clientele at the bars we’ll be frequenting don’t take kindly to crying babies. Even in Park Slope.

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3 thoughts on “Toy Story 3 – A Hard G

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    1. I forgot to add something relevant…I thought TS3 was a little too much too. I saw it on DVD so by then I had been told how ‘sad’ it is in parts etc so that kind of took away the impact of seeing it without being pre warned…though to be honest by the time it got to the ‘heated’ shall we say, I wasnt sad, I was willing the end to come so they wouldnt have to carry on stressing and struggling through anymore bad things! lol

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