Pain in the Ice

Quick follow-up on Friday’s post about the summer heat.

Last night we installed the window units in our apartment – it was muggy as hell and with the little guy having sweated a fair amount the night before, we didn’t want to take any chances. So I threw one in his window and turned it on.

Then came hours of worrying. Was it too cold? Is he wearing enough? Is the filter clean? What if we just use the Fan setting? Will he be to hot? Can we set it to turn off automatically?

Not a single one of those questions would be worth considering if he were an adult: plug it in, turn it on, done. But he’s not. He’s a whiny little baby with a hypersensitive body. If he gets too cold, he’ll get sick. If he gets too hot, he’ll get sick. If he sweats too much, he’ll get a rash. It’s like living with Goldilocks.


The last thing I needed was to get up every two hours to make sure the temperature in his room was just right. So I told MomAndBuried to do it.

She said no, so I did it. Marriage!

In other news, he survived. But our electric bill is on life support.

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