The Family Sound Machine

A few weeks ago, we went to Best Buy and bought a new TV.

Our old one still worked, but we’d recently spent some time visiting friends’ and family, and when we watched a movie it quickly became clear that our TV was way out of date. So we got ourselves a new Samsung, and we couldn’t be happier.

The blacks are blacker, the HD is HDer, it’s an amazing upgrade, just in time for “Succession” and “Mindhunter”‘s new seasons.

There’s just one nagging little issue…

The sound.

Now don’t get me wrong, the sound quality on the new TV is a major improvement as well.

It’s more clear, more crisp, and much easier to hear. But we still have two kids, and, living in an apartment in New York in the middle of August, we also still have window unit air conditioners. Things are loud! Which makes it a lot harder to hear our favorite shows or favorite movies.

Even with the much better speaker on the TV. We needed reinforcements!

Thankfully, when we were shopping for the TV, we noticed that Best Buy also sells the Bowers and Wilkins Formation Suite. The suite, which can be purchased one by one, includes their Wedge, Bass, and Formation Bar to provide the best stereo surround system for your home, whether you’re watching TV and listening to music.

We’re gonna have to back to the store and hook ourselves up. Just don’t let your kids know or there’ll be begging to hear Old Town Road, or worse, Imagine Dragons, on your sweet new sound system!

The Bowers and Wilkins Wedge, Bar, and Bass all feature wireless connectivity and striking designs, but they each offer their own unique features.

Get a boost to your bass without any distortion, secure multi-room, portable stereo sound from the elliptically-shaped Wedge, via which you can stream all your favorite music, and wirelessly connect the powerful, Formation soundbar to your TV to deliver flawless sound and crystal clear dialogue from your TV set.

Together, these three units are perfect for drowning out wailing kids and overcoming the drone of the AC unit, especially with the three accessories wirelessly synchronized so you can’t hear anything else no matter where you are in your home! (The kids are fine, relax.)

All three pieces of the Bowers and Wilkins Formation Suite are on sale now, and you can save $200 when you buy the Bar and Bass together, in-store only, until September 7th.

Just in time for football season. There’s no way even the loudest kids can overcome the cheers when your favorite team scores. Or, in my case, the boos from yet another rebuilding year. Insert sad-face emoji.

Disclaimer: I was compensated by Best Buy for this post but all opinions – and complaints about the Miami Dolphins – are mine alone.

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