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A friend just sent me a link to plumgear.com

At first I assumed it was some Not-Safe-for-Work site, like the LemonParty link he sent me. (DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK.) (SERIOUSLY. DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK.)

My friend is wacky like that. And the URL is plumgear.com, for pete’s sake. What was I supposed to think? But it turns out it’s NOT about how to outfit your nether regions. It’s actually a brand new way to avoid one of the many expenses that comes with owning a rapidly growing child.

If you’re anything like me, your baby is growing faster than you can clothe him. You get gifts that you never open because by the time you get them home to your kid, he’s outgrown them. You get gifts that are destroyed immediately because your kid at some pear yogurt and, well…shit got messy. You get gifts you regift because shopping for baby gifts sucks. And so on.

But Plum is meant to remove the hassle and headache from buying baby clothes by allowing you to rent them, via mail-order, for a monthly subscription fee. This could come in handy for some of you. Probably not me, though.

In my neighborhood there’s a stoop sale every weekend where we can pick up some cheap, gently-used baby clothes rather than buy brand new from Carter’s or Babies ‘R Us or The Children’s Place that the kid will wear once and then destroy or outgrow. But if you don’t live in Park Slope, Brooklyn or just don’t like to let people know you do (understandable), Plumgear might be for you. They refer to themselves as “the Netflix for baby clothes,” so until they jack up their rates in a brazen attempt to anger and lose their customers, you might want to check it out.

My biggest roadblock, aside from living in Park Slope, where even stoop sales are pointless when you can just walk down the street and scoop up high-quality baby clothes that are constantly falling out of strollers and diaper bags everywhere you look, is the fact that while Plum offers the best brands of baby clothes, I’m not one of those assholes who dresses my kid in “the best brands of baby clothes.” The kid gets a smock, preferably a used one, and the he gets a potato sack. And I don’t need to pay a monthly fee for that.

Here’s an intro vid for you:

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