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So there’s this new show called “Up All Night” which is about a couple adjusting to the change in lifestyle brought on by having a baby. Amazingly original premise! I was intrigued, mostly because I like Will Arnett (mostly because I love GOB), so MomandBuried and I gave it a shot.

The show has had some moments, but one thing in particular has been bugging me. In two of the three episodes that have aired, the couple has called a babysitter after 10pm (or so), in order to go out for some impromptu partying. I know this is a TV show and all, but come on. The show is about how parenting cramps your lifestyle, except so far it hasn’t seemed to cramp theirs one bit. Also, I’m not really convinced they actually like their child.

I’m all for partying, but impromptu anything doesn’t really work when you have a kid, especially in the middle of the night. And I’m sorry, but in what reality are babysitters A) available at a moment’s notice and B) available at 10pm? We struggle to get babysitters a week in advance, and even when we have one all booked up well in advance, it doesn’t always work out. This past weekend we had a babysitter arranged for the middle of the day on Saturday. She showed up almost 90 minutes late, totally scuttling our plans for the afternoon/evening.

The idea that someone can arrange a babysitter after 8pm, with no advance warning, strikes me as almost as absurd as the size of the apartments everyone lived in on “Friends.” Monica and Rachel’s bathroom was bigger than my entire apartment. And I live in Brooklyn!

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  1. I wondered out loud to my husband as we were watching this show, where they got a trustworthy babysitter at a moment’s notice. Our baby is 4 months old, and we’re still at the point of being too squeamish to leave him with a stranger, even if that stranger is actually a family friend who raised two children.

    Your thoughts are spot on.

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