Blogger Idol 2012 – Week 4: Judge Dread

So for this week’s assignment, I was paired with Martinis and Minivans, a similarly-minded blogger who writes about how her kids drive her to drink.

I only have one kid, and I’ve basically been drunk since he was born, so we made a good team.

Unfortunately the judges didn’t think so.

That’s where you come in.

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Martinis and Minivans and I were required to interview each other and post the results. So we did just that. We got along great, we worked together well, and our resulting post is arguably the most compelling interview since Frost/Nixon. It’s at least the funniest since Jim Gray heard Lebron’s decision.

The judges thought it was more like the Spanish Inquisition, as in: reading it was torture.

Judge for yourself RIGHT HERE.

Beware, there’s a lot of talk about drinking and child abuse, which clearly turned the judges off. So now the only way M&M and D&B can survive this week’s double elimination is with a lot of help from our friends, family and fans. So please, do us both a big favor and go vote for us at this link:


Then go check out Martinis and Minivans; we’re kindred spirits, but she’s a woman and a lot nicer.

As a reward for voting for me (thanks!) AND punishment for NOT voting for me (how DARE you!) all wrapped into one, here’s a picture of Jame Gumb, aka Silence of the Lambs‘ Buffalo Bill:

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One thought on “Blogger Idol 2012 – Week 4: Judge Dread

  1. I liked it! I will definitely vote for you guys to stay afloat. I entered the at home challenge myself. Not many takers so far this week. I paired up with Anka from, and we had a great time. It was really me interviewing her, and my evil thoughts toward her modern views on motherhood. I will post and add the link to the BI at home page as soon as she is done reviewing and approving, and I tweak it just a bit more.

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