Blogger Idol 2012 – Week 6: Pay It Forward

This week on Blogger Idol, everyone gets a car!

Not really, but it’s almost as generous.

Each of the final six contestants was asked to write about a handful of blogs they enjoy, thus giving those blogs some publicity via the Blogger Idol contest. Due to the nature of the assignment, eliminations were, well, eliminated for the week, so that no one would be punished in the midst of such a magnanimous assignment.

This worked out doubly well for me, as Sandy left me without power for the last three days, which had me struggling to finish my assignment before the deadline. With a little help from The Powers That Be (that may or may not be an Angel reference), I was able to get my post done and share with you four blogs I love to read. Haley Joel Osment, Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, movies, terrible movies, fatherhood, blogger idol, parenting, parenthood, dads

So don’t worry about voting for me this week – just check out the link below and then check out the blogs I mention. And read the rest of this week’s posts; there are a lot of great blogs in there for all of you to discover.


I’ll be back to harass you for your vote next week, so be ready!

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