Blogger Idol 2012 – Week 7: Je Ne Regrette Rien!

We finally (re-)elected a president, but the voting’s not over yet. I still need your help!

Blogger Idol carries on, and as one of the final 6, I need your votes more than ever.

This time around we had to write about a chance we didn’t take, a decision we made over the course of our lifetime that potentially altered its trajectory. I almost wrote about the blunder that was NOT switching to contact lenses earlier – I waited until after college; I could totally be married to Kate Beckinsale right now, dammit!

But since I’m already married to her non-celebrity equivalent, I chose something else.

blogger idol, american idol, competition, contest, pile of babies, martinis and minivans, interview, play-at-home, daddy knows less, parenting, dads, moms, toddlers I wrote about blowing a chance to study abroad on college. A decision that might seem slight but still bugs me, and one that could have severely altered my life. I might be such an anti-American snob right now!

I’m sure many of you can relate – if not to the specifics than at least to the sentiment – so I’m really hoping you’ll read my take on this week’s assignment and then vote for me so I can make the top five! It might be hard; the judges didn’t think my choice was “momentous” enough, and my take wasn’t as “serious” as some of the others’, and they “hate” me. It’s gonna be an uphill climb this week, folks. Which is where you come in!

So please, head over to Blogger Idol and vote for me. Just imagine what might happen if you don’t and someone else wins! You might irrevocably change the fate of the world.

Read it HERE.

Vote for me HERE.

So thanks! And good luck!


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