Zombie Post: Pain Banishment

Yesterday’s post, about teaching my son not to overreact when he’s disappointed, or startled, or gets hurt, reminded me of how far he’s come.

A year ago, I wrote about how poorly the kid handled pain. He was just learning to walk then, and he was falling a lot. He’s a lot more mobile now, and while he doesn’t fall nearly as much as he used to*, all the running and jumping and climbing and yields its share of bumps and bruises. The good news is he laughs it off a lot of them. The bad news is it still hasn’t gotten easier for me to feign nonchalance when I see him take a bad spill.

But, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m trying. And I think he’s learning. Check out the resurrected post below and judge for yourself.

Original Post: My Prediction? PAIN.

*Clarification: He doesn’t fall as much by his standards. If he were an adult, he’d be getting his mail in the drunk tank.

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2 thoughts on “Zombie Post: Pain Banishment

  1. When Van was 5, he ran into a pole on the playground at school. He got THE WORST black eye. It was so bad, he could barely open that eye. I had a hard time looking at him without cringing, and it took weeks to heal. It was a w f u l. I had to do a lot of feigning.

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