Going National!

Yesterday, one of my blog entries – my Gender Neutral piece from December – was featured on the Huffington Post.

Now that I’m a superstar, I kind wanted to burn all my bridges and let my enemies know how I really feel, until I realized that my enemies won’t even bother reading this. Huffington Post, HuffPost Parents, @HuffPostParents, gender, gender roles, parenting, toddlers, flaming, message boards, trolls, dads

Then I remembered that this is the internet! Of course my enemies will read this! What’s the internet for if not to anonymously tear someone a new one? Like this guy, who took exception to my open-minded take on gender roles, and why I don’t really mind if someone mistakes my son for a girl:

“Parents like you are what is wrong with this country and children these days.” AWESOME!

So yeah, now that I am getting flamed on comment boards, I think it’s safe to say I’ve totally made it.

So thanks for reading, I’ll never forget you; especially if you share the HuffPo link with all your friends!

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4 thoughts on “Going National!

  1. Any publicity is good publicity, right?
    That guy is what’s wrong with the world, BTW. Ugh.
    Congrats on your fame!

  2. Mike, Great article! Very proud of you and I believe you have the right idea about raising your son–we just want them to be happy!

    May I ask, do you submit to Huff Post or did they just find your blog? Another writer I know gets posted on there and I’m not sure of the protocol.

    Thanks for your help–congrats on “going national!”

    1. Thanks!

      They actually included me in a “funny tweet” post a few weeks back, and I responded on Twitter and said I wanted to get a blog post published (I’d submitted a few w no luck). One of their editors responded and it snowballed from there. So if you’re on twitter, I would follow @HuffPostParents and engage them there.

  3. i have no doubt the Huffington Post is just the beginning for you. Although i am on the other side of parenting – empty nest – i don’t think there is a better writer about the joys and foibles of parenthood than you.

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