Zombie Post: To Air is Human

For many people, the holidays mean travel, and we’re among those people. But whereas we used to take an easy train to visit family, now we’re forced to choose between a long drive or a short flight.

With a toddler in tow.

Nobody really likes flying these days because it’s such a hassle. Even short flights aren’t really short anymore, thanks to the security lines and needing to get there early and etc. People like flying even less when there’s a baby or a toddler or a child on board, especially one that’s crying or screaming or throwing a tantrum, especially the people who are forced to bring the baby or toddler or child along.

Unfortunately, parents have to travel too. And that means you’re occasionally going to encounter children on your flight. Some parents take the high road and beg forgiveness for any potentially impending annoying in-flight behavior, and some parents don’t.

I don’t.

Back in August, in advance of a flight we were taking, I wrote about the trend of in-flight goodie bags. And then I made a goodie bag of my own. Today, I’m resurrecting that post, as we prepare to board another flight with our three-year-old. I hope he doesn’t act up, and if he does, I’m sorry. But settle down.

You can’t take the sky from me.

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