Zombie Post: Return of the Act

This weekend is the Oscars, an awards ceremony I always expect to enjoy more than I actually do. Still, I continue to watch them every year. I used to manage to see most of the contenders before the show, but that’s gotten harder since I became a father (and most of my viewing consists of the same three “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” episodes and maybe some “Magic School Bus” all of a sudden).

Fortunately for me, my son is at least as entertaining as Philomena, and he’s definitely a better actor than that phone in Her. That thing didn’t look ANYTHING like Scarlet Johansson! She has a lot more curves, amirite?!

Anyway, last year I used the occasion of the Academy Awards to write about Detective Munch’s burgeoning skills as a mimic and manipulator, like a tiny, mush-mouthed Marlon Brando. His skills have only improved since last Oscar season, as he’s begun adding convincing levels of emotion to his middle-of-the-night pleas for water or potty or anything-he-can-think-of-that-will-enable-him-to-get-out-of-bed-for-even-two-minutes.

So this zombie post, resurrected below, is more relevant than ever. Please read it and then think of my son when you’re watching the ceremony, especially during the performance of “Let It Go” that is sure to put that soundtrack and movie back on his radar and in my head, right when we were finally sneaking out from under it. Thanks a lot, Hollywood!

Original Post: And the Oscar Goes To… My Scheming Toddler!

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