Ryan Reynolds is No Superdad

Ryan Reynolds is No Superdad

Among dads who write about parenting, I’m kind of on an island.

Many dad bloggers think fathers don’t get their due as parents and are portrayed as doofuses by Hollywood and Madison Avenue. I’ve never had much of a problem with any of that.

All the dads I know are fully engaged in the parenting process, and are just as vital and respected as the moms. Sure, there are some negative stereotypes flying around, but progress can take a while. The horse is out of the barn, things are changing for the better, and it’s clear who is on the wrong side of history.

At least I thought it was clear, until Ryan Reynolds went on TV and said that he changes his new baby’s diapers and the media lost its mind.

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I Hate “Date Night”

I Hate “Date Night”

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Either you knew that already or you need a few minutes to click over to Amazon. I’ll wait.

[watches this adorable video to pass the time]

All set? Great. I’m sure she’ll love it! And don’t worry, Prime pays for itself pretty quickly. (It also gives you access to “Catastrophe”, which is AWESOME. Go watch an episode right now. I’ll wait.)

[watches the best guitar solo of all time over and over to pass the time]

All set? Great! Anyway, Mother’s Day! Mom and Buried likes to hang with the kids on Mother’s Day, against her better judgment. But she likes to celebrate with me over the course of the weekend as well. Which means one thing:


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Don’t Put Up, Shut Up

Don’t Put Up, Shut Up

Yesterday was #WomanCrushWednesday, the one day a week when Instagram users are allowed to share a photo of a woman they want to have sex with. (I don’t actually know the official premise of the stupid theme.) I shared a photo of Mom and Buried, been there, done that! YEAH BOYEEEEEEEEE!

I chose a picture in which she looks really pretty, she’s clearly very happy, and is doing something mom-related because I’m nothing if not consistently ON BRAND. I also chose a picture in which her face is partially obscured, because a little anonymity is good and also it’s hilarious to constantly obscure her face. (Did you see the birthday pic I posted?)

She may not think it’s hilarious, but she knows who she married. She’s used to putting up with me.

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Prenatal Message: I Hate Babies

Prenatal Message: I Hate Babies

Have you ever been curious about what I was like before I had kids? Or what I thought about kids when I was single and carefree? Well today is your lucky day!

Like most of you, I had a bit of a different take on kids and parents and parenting before I became a parent – I was not yet a part of the collective – and perhaps nothing I wrote encapsulates that different take better than this piece.

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