Take This Under Advisement, Jerkweed – Vol. 6

Take This Under Advisement, Jerkweed – Vol. 6

It’s been a while since I’ve offered my uniquely unqualified parenting advice to my readers, mostly because no one asks e any questions. I can’t blame them; I’m a moron and some of this stuff could get you killed.

But there are a few submissions I haven’t gotten to yet – including one about the nightmare that is reading to your child – so I thought I’d handle them today. With any luck I’ll solve a problem or two! But probably not.

And remember, if you’re at the end of your rope and are willing to try anything, you can submit your questions here.

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Parental Advisories: Solicitation Wednesday!

Parental Advisories: Solicitation Wednesday!

Can you do me a favor?

I know: What have I done for you lately? Nothing. And that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Not without your help!

A few months ago, I got so sick of only answering my wife’s questions incorrectly that I wanted to open my idiocy up to the rest of the world. So I started an advice column called “Take This Under Advisement, Jerkweed!” because I have a thing for making irrelevant movie references.

Unfortunately, my advice was either so perfect that everyone’s problems were solved, or it was so terrible that no one else wanted to ask me anything. But I forgive you. And I’m giving you another chance.

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