Parental Advisories

The existence of this page is proof that you needn’t be an expert to position yourself as one. For a longer explanation of why I’m offering my parenting advice, read this post.

Then proceed at your own risk.


*Dad and Buried is in no way responsible when and if the worst should happen.

See previous advice sessions at the following links and request my guidance in the form below:

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Volume 12
Volume 11
Volume 10
Volume 9
Volume 8
Volume 7
Volume 6
Volume 5
Volume 4
Volume 3
Volume 2
Volume 1

4 thoughts on “Parental Advisories

  1. I really don’t care what you write, say or think. You are just one of a million copy-cat bloggers that are trying to “find their way in life”. Good luck at that and winning the lottery.

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