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[E-card] Bite Club

13 May ecard, e-card, fight club, dad and buried, dad bloggers, funny, humor, wordless wednesday, toddlers, parenting, motherhood, fatherhood, kids, children, biting, bite club, behavior, discipline, family

The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. The first rule of Bite Club is you never stop talking about Bite Club.

Seriously, if someone bites you, scream bloody murder and alert everyone in your vicinity! Biting is NOT acceptable, even if you’re just a toddler.

Because I don’t care if you’re Batman: getting bit HURTS.

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Mom Fails

5 May motherhood, mother's day, moms, dads, parenting, equality, kids, fatherhood, funny, humor, dad and buried, dad bloggers, star wars, superheroes

According to the hourly reminders that someone set on my phone, Mother’s Day is this weekend. It’s the one solitary day all year long that anyone ever says anything nice about moms.

That last line there was a little bit of sarcasm. Because let’s face it, when it comes to parenting, moms already get all the praise.

Sure, that “praise” often calcifies into “being taken for granted,” which is just about complaint #1 from women everywhere (along with “I want more romance/passion!” and “socks go IN the hamper, not NEAR the hamper!”) but if you think about it, it’s a positive thing! Abilities and skills are only taken for granted once someone comes to rely on them. Kudos, moms everywhere! You’ve raised the bar for yourselves.

Unfortunately, that bar is just a little too high for your liking. So I’m going to level the playing field.

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Instant Mood Enhancement

20 Apr tee ball, sports, parenting, parenthood, bad mood, kids, children, family, dads, fatherhood, motherhood, dad blogs, dad blogger, dad and buried, funny, humor, discipline, stress, mood enhancement

So last week was kind of shitty.

Taxes screwed us. The New York City public school system lottery screwed us. I got sunburn. I went to the dentist. My landlord raised the rent. I got spoiled on “The Americans”. I thought Harrison Ford kind of ruined the Star Wars trailer. It was pretty lame all around.

As a result, I found myself in a bit of a funk for a few days. Thank god I have a kid.

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Why I’m a Better Parent Than You

14 Apr parenting, judgment, superheroes, culture, kids, lifestyle, dads, moms, motherhood, fatherhood, family, dad bloggers, dad and buried, funny, humor, superman, lex luthor, better parent than you, better parent

I’m a better parent than you.

Sorry. I know this is tough for some of you to hear. Just accept it. It’s easier that way.

I’m a better parent than you and I’ll tell you why.

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[E-card] Creature Report

8 Apr

bipolar, weather, creature report, new england, toddlers, mood, parenting, parenthood, kids, dad and buried, dad blogger, funny, humor, wordless wednesday, unpredictable, family, lifestyle, stress