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Ignoring is Bliss

23 Nov movies, parenting, discipline, funny, humor, dad and buried, dad bloggers, mike julianelle, mommy bloggers, kids, family, lifestyle, ignoring is bliss, learning, children, moms, motherhood, fatherhood, dads

I can’t pretend (despite the fact that I sometimes do pretend) to know the first thing about how to properly raise your kids. But there are a few obvious dos and don’ts:

There’s one thing that should have its own category, though.

  • Okay to do Sometimes, Depending on the Situation: Ignore them.

Ignoring your kids is not advisable. Except when it is. And then it’s glorious. Because ignoring is bliss.

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Five More Minutes

19 Nov #5MoreMinutes,parenting, netflix, streamteam, bedtime, parenthood, dads, kids, toddlers, family, lifestyle, kids, children, TV, entertainment, movies

My son says plenty of ridiculous stuff, but none is more ridiculous than the stuff he says when he’s trying to get out of going to bed.

I know I’m not alone in being both amused and frustrated by the nonsense our kids come up with in attempts to delay their bedtime, especially since Netflix created images based on some of the goofy excuses actual real-life kids have deployed.

They even used one of mine!

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My Wife is Better Than Me

12 Nov parenting, dad and buried, lifetime moms, sex, marriage, kids, children, moms, motherhood, dads, fatherhood, funny, relationships, gender, gender roles, children, family, lifestyle, home, dad bod

When it comes to parenting, I don’t buy into gender stereotypes or biological imperatives or how they feel on “Mad Men”.

It’s 2015! Parenting tasks are no longer divided solely by gender, at least not in my house. It’s a team effort, a total 50/50 proposition, and moms and dads both have to go all-in to make it work.

That said, there are definitely some things my wife does better than me, and most of them aren’t gender-specific. (Unless you count being sick. Women totally dominate there.)

She had her birthday last week, so I thought I’d share a few of them. Better late than never!

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What Parents Need

11 Nov what parents need, baby, dad and buried, dad blogs, mommy blogs, dad and buried, mike julianelle, funny, humor, kids, family, stress, shopping, life, lifestyle, parents, parenting, motherhood, fatherhood, kids, money, wordless wednesday, charts and graphs

Yesterday, in advance of Mom and Buried’s upcoming sprinkle, I wrote a list of things I want for baby number two.

Some of them are ridiculous, completely unattainable fantasies, but aside from the booze – and the vasectomy(!) – pretty much all of them were for the baby.

Now that that’s over with, today I’m focusing on what parents need.

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Monsters are Real

28 Oct Exorzistlogo

I don’t really understand why some parents dress their tiny children as monsters for Halloween.

Aren’t they terrifying enough already?

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