Why Do We Lie About Parenting?

Why Do We Lie About Parenting?

Parenting is hard.

Everyone knows this. Parents know, the child-free know, even kids know. They don’t care, but they know.

Caring for and raising and protecting and molding and teaching another human being, from scratch, is mentally taxing, physically exhausting, expensive, boring, and stressful. Even if you think it’s the greatest thing in the world, you can’t deny how challenging it is.

So why do we lie about it?

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The Dad and Buried Show

The Dad and Buried Show

Welcome to the Dad and Buried podcast!

That’s right, I’ve decided to take my talents to the airwaves because what the world needs now is more access to white men babbling about things they only barely understand!

Basically, this podcast will be exactly like my blog, except instead of writing angry things about my kids, I’ll be saying them directly into your ears!

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Judge Dread

Judge Dread

Last year, I posted a video of my kids having an impromptu dance party to “We Are The World,” a classic 80s tune my 7-year-old learned about it in school for some inexplicable reason. (I’m not complaining: “We Are The World” is FIRE!)

In the video, my toddler can be seen dancing along with his older brother, occasionally attempting to mimic his amateur break-dancing moves, all while happily sucking on his pacifier.

It caused a little controversy.

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