100 Episodes!

Did you know I have a podcast? I do, it’s called The Dad and Buried Podcast, and much like this blog, and my Instagram, and my Facebook page, and my Twitter, it’s a platform I use to complain about parenting and mock my kids. I started it with my friend Pete, and over the fast few months, Mom and Buried has been joining me as well.

Oh, and we just recorded our 100th episode. I’m not bragging, because despite having been recording almost every week for two years, I’m betting many of you still have no idea I have a podcast. That’s due to a variety of factors: there are a lot of podcasts out there, it’s really hard to market a podcast, you’re a bunch of jerks!

I kid, I kid. But only about the “not bragging” part, because not many podcasts make it to their 100th episodes! In fact, most of them bail long before that. There are 1.75 million podcasts on Apple, but less than 1 million are active. And according to some other stats I googled (I’m not a scientist), only half of all podcasts make it past 14 episodes. We’ve septupled that!

Hooray! And we aren’t stopping anytime soon, especially now that Mom and Buried is a key part of the show. We happen to live together, which makes it easier to record. Except when she’s mad at me, which is fairly often, so maybe it will be harder. Shit.

On the 100th episode, Pete, Mom and Buried, and I discuss how and why we started this thing back in February of 2019. It initially doubled as a boys’ night, before the pandemic forced us to resort to making Skype calls from our respective homes. Somehow we managed, with my wife’s help, to power through that, recording consistently – give or take a few skips – for another year.

Now here we are, two years in, continuing to bash both children and parenting with the same passion, occasional profundity, and nonstop cursing we displayed in the first handful of recordings. I’ll never stop being a jerk!

If you didn’t know I have a podcast, now you do. If you like my writing, or my memes, or my ranting, you’ll like this too! So please check it out, and if you’re so inclined, go back and listen to some of our best episodes, about Pet Moms, ADHD, parenting with a chronic illness (Mom and Buried has MS), and drinking while parenting!

And tune in going forward, as we make our way towards number 200! Watch the 100th episode below, and subscribe and like at Apple, Spotify, or anywhere else!

Episode 100: The 100th Episode Q&A Session w/Mom and Buried AND Pete!


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