Words With Toddlers

Words With Toddlers

In certain situations, say, a dinner party, or a funeral, conventional wisdom holds that some subject matter is off-limits. Some topics are just a tad more provocative than others and have a tendency to cause unnecessary tension when broached.

It’s better for everyone if typically contentious or potentially divisive topics are avoided, such as: politics; religion; a fondness for the Yankees; an appreciation for the Red Hot Chili Peppers; money.

There are no guarantees those topics will raise any hackles with your specific company, but they are more likely to than others. So it’s usually best to stay away.

The same holds true when you’re in the company of toddlers.

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Trick or Beat!

Trick or Beat!

Every morning, when we ask my son what he wants to wear today, he says “Gabba!”

Every day. No matter that we’re deep into fall and his “Yo Gabba Gabba” shirt has short sleeves. He wants to wear it every day. I kind of suspect that he thinks “Gabba” means “clothes.”

“What do you want to wear today?”
“You got it, kid!”

But this Halloween, we took him at his word and went one further with his request. He wore a full-fledged DJ Lance Rock costume.

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