Photo: Who Rocks the Potty?

Photo: Who Rocks the Potty?

Oh happy day!

My son performed his first successful poop in the potty this morning, and I wanted to share the proud moment with all of my blog readers.

It’s only right that you should experience this along with me, and share in my triumph.

Thanks for making the image on the next page possible!

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The Dishonest Toddler

The Dishonest Toddler

The other day, I was awakened by my son yelling from his crib. This is not unusual. I would say this happens every day. Every. Single. Day. But this day was a little bit different. Because instead of merely calling for mommy or daddy, he was screaming, “I got poop in my butt!”

That doesn’t happen every day, neither the yelling of it nor the reality of it. People don’t normally shit in their sleep, not even little kids. So it was a bit strange that he had.

Except he hadn’t: he was lying.

And so it begins…

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Potty Training Hell

Potty Training Hell

And so it begins.

To be honest, it probably should’ve started already, but Dad and Buried has been a little pee-shy, as in: I don’t want to help my son pee. I’ve been dreading this whole stage in my son’s development. Not because it signifies him getting older, but because I’m clueless. And it signifies him getting more inconvenient.

Now, with summer approaching, and a new preschool looming in the fall, it’s time: my son needs to be potty trained.

As the stay-at-home parent, it trickles down to me to fulfill this duty.

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CES-capades: Number Part 2

CES-capades: Number Part 2

Yesterday, I mentioned the trend towards combining technology with hands-on, physical components. Lenovo is using the term “phygital” to refer to their new tabletop tablet computer (see yesterday’s post for more info on the Horizon), and I ran into a handful of other products that aim to do the same thing with smart phones and tablets.

The one making the biggest – ahem – splash? The iPotty.

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