The Inappropriate Collection! – Things I Shouldn’t Show My Son, #3

So I’m a bit behind on this post this week. You try spending 6 hours in the emergency room because your one-year-old may have swallowed a pill or two, and you tell me how you’re doing, blog-production wise.

It was not a fun night, but at least being in a hospital around sick people has made my cold even worse! Hooray! And it gave me some inspiration for this post.

What is the sickest thing that’s ever been on the internet?

That’s right, TWO GIRLS ONE CUP. Brace yourselves!

Just kidding. I won’t even watch that garbage, let alone promote it on my blog or tempt my son with its existence: I’ve never seen it and I never will. (Sorry Suj.)

But here’s a clip from a show my son will one day be watching, as an example of the best of its genre, featuring a parody of the kind of show my son won’t be watching on my watch, because its weird and creepy and loaded with inappropriate implications that he won’t fully understand until he’s in college.

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