The Inappropriate Collection: Things I Shouldn’t Show My Son, #4

There are a lot of things I’m afraid of my child eventually becoming: addicted to drugs, interested in speed-stacking, a Brony (just kidding, Bronies. Relax.)

Obviously, there will be times in his life when the things he likes don’t mesh with the things I like, and times in his life where he gets heavily into some things that he’ll later regret. Which is fine; happens to all of us. I remember when you were really into Kula Shaker.

But there’s some stuff out there that I just can’t abide…

Some stuff that requires more commitment than just typical consumerism. It requires a level of submersion that, in some specific cases, is at best misguided and at worst rather unsettling.

I give you the Juggalos.

Being a Juggalo isn’t just about liking the Insane Clown Posse’s terrible, terrible music or painting your face like a blind KISS fan. It’s a whole lifestyle, complete with its own beverage and its own festival, called The Gathering, which is kind of like Studio 54, only if the studio were outside in a post-apocalyptic hellhole where the only currencies are misogyny and being really depressing.

While most of the content of their songs is a) unlistenable and b) pointlessly violent, profane and stupid, once he’s old enough, I’ll probably show him something like the video below. He’ll be sophisticated enough by then (read: when he’s five) to laugh and laugh at what will hopefully be a long-lost relic of early 21st century absurdity.

But make no mistake about it, as disgusting – and disgustingly untalented – as the Insane Clown Posse are, this song and video are beautiful, beautiful things to behold. Because it’s true: music IS all magic. You can’t even HOLD it!

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6 thoughts on “The Inappropriate Collection: Things I Shouldn’t Show My Son, #4

  1. before you go posting people pics of people that you have no idea who they are, you might want to do some reasearch on the people first because that is myself, my daughter and my fiance. And everything you wrote just proves that you don’t have a clue what you are talking about, yes being a juggalo is a way of life but not the way of life you are thinking we are all about family and treating each other with love a respect and also if you were to listen to the music the right way you would notice that behind it all the message is to fallow god. so why don’t u get a life and stop spending you time on the internet slaming people you don’t even know who they are.

    1. I apologize for using that pic without your permission. I honestly didn’t realize those were real people. It has been removed. Although you are Juggalos, so I didn’t really misrepresent you at all. And the music is terrible, so I got that right too.

      1. ok so the music is terrible to you, but i am sure that you listen to music that others dislike why do u feel the need to slam other peoples likes if you don’t like it ok we don’t hate on you for not understanding our music or because you don’t like our music.So why do u feel the need to hate on us for it you talk about being a good dad but talking down on people just because they are different from you thats a good thing to teach you kids….. maybe you should think about that no wonder there is so much hate in the world maybe if people did not talk crap on other people just because the live different lives than they do. I will have you know that yes my heart does belong to the juggalo family for life why because they except people for who they are 100% but you would not know that because you are to quick to judge.

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