Zombie Post: Welcome to the “Neighborhood”

Mom and Buried showed the kid an old “Mr. Rogers” episode the other day. To my surprise, he sat in rapt attention for the entirety of the the episode. He can’t get enough of it! He’s constantly asking to hear “the neighbor song.”

We try not to let him watch too much TV, but he definitely sees some and Mr. Rogers seems like a pretty healthy option. It’s amazing to me that it holds his attention as much as it does, especially when his other favorites are hyperkinetic shows like “Yo Gabba Gabba”, more basic animated stuff like “Curious George”, or the inexplicably popular – and British! – “Thomas the Tank Engine.” But it’s a good thing. Mr. Rogers seems like a decent enough role model.

He’s definitely a better influence than the other adults that appear most frequently on my TV, as illustrated in the old post I’ve resurrected below (even if he does have questionable fashion sense.) It seemed appropriate to bring this one back today, as two of the characters mentioned within (Don Draper and King Joffrey) are returning to TV this month and Jesse Pinkman’s final season isn’t far behind.

God knows my kid won’t be watching any of those shows anytime soon, so “Mr. Rogers” it is.

Original Post: I Learned It By Watching Someone Else!

But if they ever make this sitcom version of “Breaking Bad,” it looks like something my son and I could watch together.

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