The Vaccination Controversy!

If you’ve been listening to my podcast or following me on Instagram, you might know that we’ve been teasing doing a “controversial” episode. In an effort to get people to rate us on Apple Podcasts (PLEASE GO RATE US ON APPLE PODCASTS!), I swore that when we hit 100 ratings, we’d let listeners choose a controversial parenting topic for us to cover.

Well, we hit 100. And I let the listeners choose. And the listeners chose vaccinations.

I’m not shocked. It’s been a hot button topic for years. I’ve written about it on this blog, and every time I post about it on Instagram or Facebook, people come at me. To be honest, for someone who is looking for positive ratings on their podcast, covering a divisive topic like this is a potential landmine. The last thing I need is for the anti-vaxxers to get mad and start inundating me with negative ratings!

But the people spoke, and we listened.

This week’s episode of the Dad and Buried podcast gets into vaccinations, why they’re necessary, and why you’re an ignorant, selfish, and – above all – dangerous asshole if you don’t vaccinate your kids. There are actually some facts in there this time, but, as usual, it’s mostly passionate ranting. Why mess with success!

Give it a listen on all the regular podcast places, or give it a watch below or on YouTube. And please, if you like it, or you agree with me, or you’re just a nice person, throw me a positive rating on Apple Podcasts! We’ll do another controversial topic soon. Probably sleep-training. Because there’s nothing I love more than people yelling at me. Why do you think I had kids?

Episode 37 – Vaccinations!:


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