A Bike for All Seasons

When I was growing up, all I did was ride my bike.

We had a little path behind my house that stretched through my neighborhood, connecting all of my friends houses via a carved out trail for bike-riding, and nearly every day would find me and my friends hanging out back there, on “The Path” (we weren’t very creative). When we weren’t doing that, we were riding across town to visit the mall, or hang out at the local Caldor, or to stock up on candy at Wanda’s Sugar Shack. No helmets, no adult supervision, no rules. We were 80s kids, and we loved it!

It’s been 30 years since I had a bike, and nowadays I live in the city (and The Path has long been demolished) but thanks to Zizzo, I’m back in the saddle again!

Covid has been rough on all of us, in ways both big and small. Mom and Buried had it for a harrowing few weeks back in the spring, and despite her lingering symptoms (long-haul Covid is a real thing) we made it through that and have been spending the last 6 months in the same mire of anxiety, stress, and binge-everything that everyone has. We’ve been binge-watching, binge-eating, and binge-drinking, and it takes a toll. Especially when you can’t go to the gym!

My gym is in my office building, and I haven’t been there since March. Needless to say, I am not in the best shape right now.

But I hope to be soon! Because I’ve got a brand new bike from Zizzo!

Mom and Buried and I have long flirted with the idea of getting bikes with which to ride to the park, have fun with the kids, and stay in shape, but to be totally honest, we don’t have a lot of space for them. My wife once borrowed a bike from a friend and had to leave it outside t get rained on because there was no where to put the thing. that’s not a problem with Zizzo, because Zizzos are foldable! Take a look at the size of the bike when it’s folded up – 4yo for scale!

The handle bar and the seat slide down, and the front tire folds back and then the whole thing clasps together to easily fit in the dang closet, or the trunk of your car it’s so compact. And it’s so easy to unlock and fold that even Mom and Buried can do it! And that’s great news, because we both got our own Zizzo bike!

From the website: The Via is designed for the rider that wants the best of both worlds: premium bike at an affordable price. More than capable it’s ready for any terrain you choose, 7 speeds to help you get moving forward, V-style brakes and Kenda 1.95 all-terrain tires to help provide you the most confidence on the road, and a lightweight aluminum frame for easy transport and the ultimate ride. The Via now features front and rear fenders, making it the perfect all-around bike even in the rain.

Before Covid, I mostly burned calories by using the treadmill at my office gym. Not only was it hell on my knees, I hated every minute of it! Running is the worst! Riding a bike is a lot better for my joints, and it allows me to pretend I’m dominating Rad’s Helltrack, or racing the Hell of the West with Kevin Costner and his mustache. Or even flying with E.T. to avoid Peter Coyote! There are so many 80s movies featuring bikes! I’m old!

Now that I have an actual bike, I don’t have to stare at a TV while I ride; I can actually look at the scenery in my neighborhood. At least, I will be able to when winter is over; it’s cold, and I won’t be spending too much time outside over the next few months. But I’ll still be able to ride my Zizzo bike, because it converts into a stationary one!

The Zizzo website offers a variety of accessories: iPhone and water holders, baskets, wagons, and even a special wheel stand that props up the front tire and turns the bike into an indoor exercise machine that you can use all winter long. Who needs a Peloton!

Honestly, I haven’t been this excited for a bike since that stupid Peloton commercial came out, and the only reason I liked that bike was because it’s really easy to make fun of. The best part about the Zizzo? Not only can I use it outside, to actually go places, it also doesn’t come with an obnoxious personal trainer yelling at you!

The only problem I have with our new Zizzo Vias is that my wife is going to expect me to be using it to work off the 20 Covid pounds I’ve put on over the past year. She’s lucky Wanda’s Sugar Shack isn’t in the vicinity (and also that it burned down 15 years ago).

Head to Zizzo.bike to add one of these super-convenient and cool foldable bikes to Santa’s sack. It will definitely fit!

Disclaimer: I received product for this post, but all opinions are mine.

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