Bath Time!

Bath Time!

The last time I wrote about my son’s penis, it ignited a firestorm in the comments.

(Seriously. The two most controversial posts I’ve written have been about circumcision and My Little Pony.)

This one isn’t about anything nearly as controversial as men who like cartoons that are made for little girls, but it does involve my son being naked. I also threw Return of the Jedi into it. So maybe the Bronies and the anti-circumcision crowd can find some common ground when I talk about…


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The Inconvenience Store

The Inconvenience Store

I am on record as a Stay-at-home Dad who isn’t a big fan of being a stay-at-home dad.

There are some things I like about it, such as spending quality one-on-one time with my son and slowly making myself his favorite parent, thus severing the sacred bond between mother and son. But everything else? Pretty much sucks.

Especially going grocery shopping with kids.

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Spawn in 60 Seconds

Spawn in 60 Seconds

We are moving. From the cozy confines of Brooklyn to the Southern jungle of Raleigh, North Carolina.

With moving comes a variety of stresses and concerns. There’s a reason moving is the only thing on earth that’s actually worse than planning a wedding. Am I right, ladies?

Since we happen to be moving from a city with certain conveniences (such as being the GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH!) to an area somewhere below the Mason-Dixon line that may or may not have electricity and written language, we are forced to make a variety of complicated arrangements.

Not the least of which is acquiring an automobile.

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Blogger Idol 2012: Every Vote Counts

Blogger Idol 2012: Every Vote Counts

I’m not going to blame you. Let me get that out of the way right now.

Yes, I survived the Week One cuts in my quest to become 2012’s Blogger Idol and win a tablet. But I BARELY survived. I was next in line to be cut.

I chalk up my poor performance to two things: I wrote about drinking and I wrote about drinking. If I were an ungenerous man, I might say my fanbase – such as it is – let me down. But I am not going to blame you. I said that already.

However. This time, if I don’t survive, I will blame you.


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Stay-at-home Cad

Stay-at-home Cad

Everyone has been talking about stay-at-home dads.

Over the past decade or so, the amount of dads staying home to take care of the kids while their wives go off to work has gone up 78%, according to Census Bureau data reported in a recent article by the Wall Street Journal.

Some people are touting this as a kind of sea change, but I don’t care if it’s “the new normal” or a changing paradigm or some X-Men-style evolution. I’ve spent the better part of a year as a stay-at-home dad (SAHD), and I don’t like it.

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