Dads Bond With Their Sons Too

Dads Bond With Their Sons Too

Over the last few days, in the aftermath of Kobe Bryant’s tragic death, a touching clip has been making the rounds. It features an ESPN anchor losing her composure while recounting a conversation she had with the NBA legend about his role as a father to three daughters (he hadn’t yet had his fourth).

The popular, and polarizing, player gushed about how much he loved being a “girl dad,” and after her story went viral, dads and daughters everywhere gushed about their own relationships, using the #girldad hashtag. It’s been trending for days.

You know what you don’t see? The term #boydad trending. As if there’s nothing special, or challenging, about the father/son relationship.

But there is.

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Kids Are Expensive AF!

Kids Are Expensive AF!

One of the worst aspects of having kids is, well, just take a spin around my blog. I’m pretty sure I’ve covered them all at some point. Including this week’s podcast topic: how expensive they are!

It starts with diapers and clothes and formula, then it progresses to daycare and sports and food, and eventually you’re buying them cars and college tuition. It never ends.

But it’s not just money they cost you, they also steal your sanity, your time, your sense of self. We get into all the ways kids bleed your wallet, and I do an impression of Louis Gossett Jr. in everyone’s favorite 80s alien movie that almost no one has ever heard of!

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Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

Parenting is frustrating. And sometimes it’s not even your kids’ fault! Sometimes, you’re your own worst enemy.

Detective Munch loves to swim. He’s had lessons almost every year since he was a baby, but he’s always been scared to dunk his head. Despite several summers spent at Grandma’s pool and on the beach, he still wouldn’t go under.

It bugged me. To a fault.

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Sorry, Annie, It’s Not Tomorrow Yet

Sorry, Annie, It’s Not Tomorrow Yet

Mom and Buried has worked in theater – musical theater – for a long time. She’d been angling to watch Annie on one of our movie nights for months, having depleted our stores of Pixar, Star Wars, and age-appropriate superhero flicks.

Last summer, thanks to “CBS Sunday Morning,” she finally had her chance!

One day, after seeing a segment about the play on the sleepy morning news show, my 6-year-old asked Mom and Buried if they could watch Annie.

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