The Sporting Blues

Sports! It’s not just the name of one of the best albums of the 80s. (Huey Lewis and the News FOR LYFE!) It’s also the subject of what is often one of the worst parts of parenting, whether your kids are into sports or not.

This week on the Dad and Buried podcast, we dive into the the relationship between kids and sports. Do yours play? Do you want them to? Do yours watch? Do you want them to? Do you like free time? Do you want to get rid of all of it? Sports forces parents to ask all of these questions, and the answers vary.

We gave it a shot with my 8-year-old but so far he’s not into it. Which at least prevents me from having to drive him to practice and watch him pirouette in the outfield at nine in the morning on a Saturday. Let’s hear it for small victories!

We got a lot of input from fellow parents before this episode and it makes for a lively discussion, even if we spend way too much time talking about my evil childhood soccer coach, Mr. Dawson. Some wounds don’t heal!

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